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$40 billion lost
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Secession in the air
We understand the very idea of California secession brings about an immediate visceral reaction.
This isn't meant to start a Civil War. It is meant to begin a civil dialogue.

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Your dollars out the window
The New California Republic seeks to bring people together to consider the opportunities and benefits of an autonomous and independent California. For every dollar Californians give to the federal government we see only 78-cents come back. We're also concerned about the diminishing voice of Californians in national politics.

Is America becoming a religious theocracy?
We are troubled by the national trends that are tipping the balance in the direction of the religious conservative agenda. Is secession the only answer? Certainly not. But it could be and perhaps someday may be the only way to establish a society that respects the rights and liberties of all Californians.

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The only boundaries are in your mind.

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Move On California becomes
New California Republic

The support and well-wishes from all of our readers and contributors has been amazing. In order to keep the momentum of the move toward California independence alive we have agreed to change the name of our website and organization. Move On California will now be known as New California Republic.

An independent California:
How scary can that be?

This isnít about starting a civil war. We are talking about peaceful secession and the creation of an independent California. Time will judge if a majority of Californians agree that independence is the best way. If and when that happens it is our desire that cooler heads prevail and a diplomatic, peaceful, political resolution comes about.
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California secession debate is
not simply a red and blue issue

Some common ground is beginning to emerge that frames the discussion of an independent California in a different light. While the New California Republic was founded in reaction to the disappointment of George Bushís re-election, there are some very good reasons why a majority of Californians should at least consider moving down the path toward independence.

Red reasons
Blue reasons

Secession makes sense to your wallet

The citizens of California will soon see that all of the talk about secession isnít so farfetched when it hits them in the pocketbook. California secession is not just about gay marriage and abortion rights. Itís about preserving our stateís economy. Itís about protecting Californians from red state politicians who want to siphon off our taxes to pay for pork barrel spending projects in their own states.
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Immigration and independence

Californians need to step up and take a bigger role in solving this problem. Whether it is independently as a republic or working together with our neighboring regions, the states most greatly impacted by the affects of immigration are best suited to understand and solve the problems. Californians didnít wait for the federal government to fund stem cell research, letís not wait for Washington to bring about meaningful immigration reform.
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Just the blue of us
Who's to say what the North American continent will look like
in 30, 50 or 100 years? Demographic, cultural, economic and political changes could dramatically change the landscape of the continent.

golden opportunity

Putting independence on the ballot

Numerous people responding to the New California Republic have suggested we move forward with a ballot initiative for California secession. Some kind of ballot initiative is something that we would like to move toward with a degree of caution.
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Questions and answers about secession

Secession may not be the only answer or even the best answer, but citizens on the West Coast are finding themselves increasingly disenfranchised from the conservative cultural domination of the large middle and southern sections of the country, dubbed by some pundits as "Jesusland."
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>Listen to interview with New California Republic organizer Jeff Morrissette and Thomas Naylor, founder of the Second Vermont Republic, on KPFA Radio 94.1 from 12.15.04
More satire: Red Babies, Blue Babies: liberals need to fuck more
And now for something completely different...There is one scenario that is worth entertaining which might make secession a moot point—the implosion of the Republican Party.

Submit your views, pro or con. We will publish thoughtful responses regardless of your position on California secession.
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Note to readers: The response to this website has been overwhelming. Your comments, pro and con, have been greatly appreciated. Many of you have expressed interest in joining the committee. We will attempt to respond to all of your emails and messages as time permits. Thanks to all of you for your interest.

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>California is the worldís fifth largest economy--larger than France, Italy, China, Brazil and Canada. (source: California Legislative Analystís Office)
>Californiaís population is larger than Canada. (source: U.S. Census Bureau)
>California has taken the bold step to fund stem cell research (dubbed "scientific secession" by the California media), an initiative that has been stalled at the federal level by the religious conservative stranglehold on the Bush Administration.
>Out-of-state energy traders and utilities overcharged Californianís by an estimated $9 billion during the stateís energy crisis of 2000 and 2001. (source: USA Today)

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